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Workflows at the
Speed of Business

Infinitic is a software framework that builds scalable and reliable workflows and infrastructure,
enabling you to innovate faster than your competitors

Automating your Infrastructure

Build, deploy, manage and observe dynamic, automated workflows

Workflow as Code

Infinitic enables Marketing Automation organisations to quickly build, deploy and manage highly granular, customer-centric workflows that can change as fast as your marketing campaigns.

Using an Augmented Software Development (ASD) framework, Infinitic enables software teams to specify workflows as simple source code business logic.

Based on Apache Pulsar, the Infinitic framework handles microservice orchestration, distributed transactions, data pipeline operations, logging, debugging and more – giving you observability and reducing development lead times from weeks and months to hours and days.

Infrastructure Automation

By automating the boring backend, Infinitic enables easy management of live processes and workflows in production, reducing the cost of maintaining and trouble-shooting infrastructure – enabling software teams to prioritise building new features.

With a fault-tolerant architecture that has built-in error handling, Infinitic provides full visibility and inspection, easy integration with other services, and real-time dashboards to compare consistency of workflow design and implementation.

Why Infinitic

Driving Business Transformation

Infinitic enables marketing companies to transform their operations to deliver highly customer-centric outcomes.


Increase business agility.
Reduce costs and time to market.
Innovate and serve your customers faster.


Highly-granular customer-centric marketing campaigns.
Better insights into user behaviour.
Faster delivery of marketing campaigns.


Introduce changes to business logic and workflows faster.
Have observability into effectiveness of customer-centric workflows.


Implement new workflows faster.
Solve the spaghetti of microservice message orchestration.
Spend more time innovating.


A source-code framework that is free to use and commercially supported


The Infinitic framework source code is available completely free of charge

Built by the team who created Zenaton, and supported by developers in the Apache Pulsar community, Infinitic is actively being developed and enhanced

Your teams can start using Infinitic today by downloading from Github



The team at are available to provide bespoke consultancy to assist with integration, training and extension of the framework

Typically within just 2-4 weeks we can enable your teams to build a Proof of Concept (PoC) or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that is production-quality

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What our users say about our software

Infinitic is a new framework that is an evolution of the Zenaton workflow builder for developers.
Here’s what some of our customers have said about our work

We used Zenaton as a replacement for apache airflow for our ETL jobs and we are really glad we did. We now have reliable orchestration with monitoring and alerting out of the box. As a small team, we use Zenaton pretty much for every automation such as our marketing workflows, cron jobs, etc. The dev experience is great and the team is very responsive.
Highly recommend!

Amine Laadhari

CEO at The Fabulous

We used Zenaton to rebuild our onboarding process for new members of our community (asynchronous emails, slack messages, and backend processes). It allowed us to build complex workflows that we would’ve never been able to setup on Zapier (not for lack of trying!), without adding much complexity. The team is very responsive, pushing updates often and producing a lot of content to help & inspire users.

Lorenzo Castro

The Family

We started using Zenaton for our complex payment process (generate invoices, send by mail / email, deep integration with Stripe, automatic follow-up, integration with accounting…). The team really helped us from the beginning – they even provided code to start our implementation. It’s very easy to start with, and they keep pushing useful updates (I love the cron tasks, and can’t wait to test the new API connectors). We now use Zenaton for lots of use cases such as communication workflows with our customers (ex: onboarding), backend jobs etc.

Jonathan Ratier

CTO at Bellman

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