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Workflows at the Speed of Business

The choice of Apache Pulsar

In my last piece, I told you I had decided to develop an open-source alternative to Zenaton after its closing. Why not open-source Zenaton’s code? Zenaton was built with Elixir, a superset of Erlang. At Zenaton beginnings, it appeared a good idea – it was even our secret sauce as we were super quick to prototype our…
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Under the Hood of an Event-Driven “Workflow As Code” Engine

In my previous article, I’ve described how code can be used to semantically describe workflows in a distributed environment. But I did not explain how it can be used to actually pilot those workflows. How a class — apparently written to run on a single thread — can orchestrate long-running workflows in a distributed environment where…
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Code Is the Best DSL for Building Workflows

As a back-end developer, you are often asked to build some structured orchestration of tasks such as microservices orchestrations, distributed transactions, data pipelines or some business logic. In all those examples you must ensure that the different types of tasks are processed according to a given scenario. This scenario can be simple such as sequential…
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Building an Event-Driven Orchestration Engine

As soon as your technical team reaches a certain size, you usually start to divide your platform into specialized servers (aka microservices) that are individually more manageable by a dedicated small team. But those different services still need to smoothly work together to deliver your business goals. In this article, I describe different approaches and…
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