Infinitic v0.8 Released

I’m excited to announce this 0.8.0 release because it’s an important step towards the completion of the vision behind Infinitic. With this release, we are now able to run multiple methods in parallel for the same workflow instance, as described in the new parallelization and properties pages of the documentation:

Why it’s a big deal?

Easy interactions with running workflows

First, it provides an easy way to interact with a running workflow. For example, the code below is all you need to build a simple loyalty system that is scalable, stateful, long-running, and failure-tolerant:

Note how easily the `start` method describes a loyalty program where the user earns one point per week. 

Now the `addBonus` method lets us easily add bonus points based on specific events:

Easy access to properties of running workflows

Secondly, this new feature provides an easy way to know the internal properties of a workflow just by synchronously running a getter from an Infinitic client:

By removing all the complexity and letting developers focus on the business logic, Infinitic introduces a new paradigm for building failure-proof scalable systems. This example only scratches the surface of what is possible.

Let me know what you think. ❤️