v0.2.1 Performance Boost with In-Memory Caching

From version 0.2.1– released this week – Infinitic includes per default an in-memory cache for accessing tasks or workflows states.

This cache is implemented using caffeine. With its default setting, task and workflow engines will keep in memory the state of any non-completed task or workflow active in the last hour (this default setting can be changed if needed). This way, the state storage is mostly write-intensive and used for recovery in an engine crash case.

This work was a quick win for Infinitic. So, what comes next?

In March, I’ll start a collaboration with a marketing company, willing to evaluate if Infinitic could be the technical foundation on which to build their next product. Infinitic would be in charge of running millions of event-based workflows (basically sending the right email at the right time, based on user behavior).

So in the next couple of weeks, I’ll focus my work to add capabilities to Infinitic:

  • wait for a duration (like in “send email 2 days after registration”)
  • wait for an external signal (like in “wait for the user to open an email”)

As usual, please contact us with any feedback, question, or reaction.