v0.2.0 release – synchronous tasks and workflows

I released yesterday the v0.2.0 of Infinitic, with a shiny new feature: synchronous tasks and workflows. 

Infinitic hides distributed systems’ complexity and enable technical teams to quickly build scalable and reliable distributed apps without writing all the usual boilerplate (workers, schemas, error handling, state management, retries).

Up to now, you could dispatch asynchronous tasks and workflows. Asynchronous here means that once a request is triggered, it’s processed elsewhere, and you do not wait for its completion; either have direct access to its result:

With this release, Infinitic lets you dispatch tasks or workflow and waits for its result:

The benefits of messaging over HTTP for event-driven microservices are many and varied: loose coupling, simple to scale, greater resiliency, and error handling, but at the cost of not performing convenient synchronous requests. 

Well, with Infinitic now, you can have the best of both worlds.

I updated the documentation with a new Client section describing the syntax.

As usual, please get in touch with any feedback, questions, or reactions.